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Choosing the right storage unit size

Moving goods into storage needn’t be a stress. We can help you with choosing the right storage unit size, provide affordable packing materials to protect your items, and even put you in touch with reputable removal companies to sort transit. Below, you will find some helpful information regarding unit capacity as well as things to remember when packing to prevent damp and condensation from spoiling your property. In addition, we are contactable by phone and via our enquiries form and are happy to offer expert advice and show you around. Get in touch today to make an enquiry or arrange a visit.

Unit Size/ Load Size comparison

When it comes to self storage, size does matter. If you are struggling to work out how much room you need for your goods, consult our handy scale below for a rough guide or get in touch with the details of your load for support:

12 sq ft

Student / Single room
Full Average Car Load

28 sq ft

SWB Small Van Load

38 sq ft

Small flat
LWB Small Van Load

49 sq ft

1 Bed property
LWB High Top Van Load

70 sq ft

1/2 Bed property
XLWB Large Van

80 sq ft

2 Bed property
Luton Van

120 sq ft

3 Bed property

160 sq ft

3/4 Bed property

Things To Consider When Using Self Storage

When arranging self storage there are a number of things to consider to ensure you get the best experience. If you need long-term storage for example, having sufficient space to allow airflow helps keep items dry and mould-free. You should also make sure that goods going into storage are cleaned and dried before they are stowed. Covering soft furnishings can protect them from marks and dust. Stacking heavy boxes and other items at floor level avoids damaging more fragile items and is advisable for health and safety. Finally, be mindful of accessibility and make sure items that will be needed first are easily reachable when the time comes. For more information and advice regarding safe storage, speak to a member of staff today.

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