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5 Tips To Organise A Self Storage Unit

Keeping your self storage unit tidy and well organised is crucial. Not only will it make finding your belongings a breeze, but you will also get the most out of your space. You may even be able to pack more than you thought. What’s more, having a tidy unit will make unpacking the unit far easier! 

In this blog, we share 5 tips to help you organise your self storage unit. Keep reading to find out more.

1.Write A List

Making a list of everything that goes into your storage space is an excellent way to stay organised. In doing so, you will have details of everything that you’ve put into storage and be able to account for all of your belongings. 

2. Pack Heavy Items At The Bottom

It may go without saying, but make sure you pack your heavier belongings at the bottom of your self storage unit. If not, gravity may take its toll on your less robust possessions! Additionally, make sure you wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap and store them in a sturdy box until you need them. This will prevent them from getting damaged whilst they are in storage.

3. Pack Your Self Storage Unit In Order

A great way of organising your unit is by packing your belongings in order! What this means is storing your items from the back of the container to the front in terms of how likely you are to need them. This will make a big difference when you’re searching for a particular possession. Rather than unpacking a whole load of boxes, which can be quite a faff, the item you’re looking for will be relatively quick and easy to locate.

4. Number Important Boxes

For extra efficiency, why not number important boxes to make finding specific items a breeze? This goes hand in hand with making a list. Simply write the number of each box down with a note of what you placed in it. Although you probably won’t need to do this for every box, it may help to number a few if you are keen to keep track of particular possessions. If  you’re storing some valuable items too, simply numbering the box may be more sensible than detailing exactly what’s inside.

5. Label Each Box

As soon as you’ve finished packing each box, make sure to label it. No matter what you’re using a self-storage unit for, making use of labels will make a big difference when it comes to unpacking. When writing your labels, use a permanent marker so that it will be legible and stand out. This is particularly important if your items will be in storage for a long time.

Choose Atlas For Secure Self Storage Units

If you’re in need of safe and secure storage units, please get in touch with the team at Atlas. Whether you’re moving house or in need of vehicle storage, we can provide reliable storage to keep your belongings safe. Contact us today!

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